How can I hide a subscription plan?

I have implemented 3 different subscription plans. The first is a paid trial that lasts 10 days, the two others are types of monthly plans (again paid). All three are available to select when the user sign ups.

However currently anyone on the two non-trial plans can move to the trial at any time. This seems counterintuitive. Instead I want the trial to only be available at sign up and not be in the list of subscriptions a user can move to once they have signed up.

How can I implement such logic in Membership?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  • PC

    Hey there Alex,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Currently you can only make a particular subscription private i.e. you can hide it from being displayed on the frontend.

    However if you are creating a paid trial as a separate subscription, there is no way to avoid someone from moving on that subscription and I think that is what you want ?

    What about using shortcodes ?

    You can use the below shortcodes for placing the subscribe buttons on your site.

    Below shortcodes can be used to show membership subscriptions.

    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]

    So you can show the paid trial to only visitors and if a user is on a paid subscription, you can hide the Paid trial subscription from them.

    You will learn more about it here :

    So you can do something like this.

    Can see all 3 subscriptions so include the subscription shortcodes for all 3

    Can only see the other paid plan so include that shortcode

    Makes sense ?

    Cheers, PC

  • Alex

    Hey PC,

    Functionality-wise this works. If they're a visitor or have an account but no subscription they see all 3 subscriptions but if they are signed up to one of the subscriptions they can never see the trial in the subscriptions page. Great!

    However, it could be a bit better.

    1) Currently the Protected Content Message is showing for the subscription plan they can't see. I don't wish for this to display - just not show whatever content is inside of it.

    2) If you build the subscriptions page with shortcodes the user doesn't see the helpful text at the top of the page letting them know what subscription they are currently subscribed to.

    3) If you build the subscriptions page with shortcodes none of the classes from the original subscription form (from the signup page) are included.

    Ideally there should be a [subscriptionbox] shortcode that will build exactly the same pricebox as the subscription page. And possibly a shortcode that would hide content without displaying the Protected Content Message.

    Or at least a simple option in the backend to only enable a subscription at sign up.

    Is there a list of PHP conditionals somewhere?

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