How can I hide admin bar from members?

I am configuring and testing the membership plugin. When I sign in as a customer (member) I can see the wp admin bar at the top of the screen. Is there any way to avoid showing this to registered members? I would like to keep members out of the wordpress dashboard altogether. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

  • thomasbanks
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    Hey Atlanta. Thanks. I've tried that, but it won't hide the admin bar as far as I can tell. It will only allow me to customize it. And actually the one part of the admin bar that I want to remove is the only part you can't customize.

    Thanks for the response, though. I appreciate the input.

  • thomasbanks
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    First, let me back up and say that the only way I have found for a member to log in is if they log in through wordpress. If there is a way for them to log in other than that let me know.

    However, when they do log in, the wp admin bar is always at the top of the screen. I took a screen shot of the top right corner of it.

    If they click on that they go to the dashboard of wordpress as in the next screen shot.

    I don't want them to see the admin bar at all and certainly not the dashboard.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings thomasbanks,

    There are several ways to handle this with the admin bar and logging in.

    The challenge of course is getting the right combination of plugins and theme to create the look and feel that you want within reason.

    First lets start with the WordPress log in. There are many way to handle this to include using Buddy Press or customizing the log in page altogether.

    One of the easiest ways to customize the log in page is to simply over write the WordPress graphic and be sure to permission the graphic 444 read only so that it cannot be over written during an update.

    More complex ways involve using plugins like Login Image plugin, Custom Login plugin, Memphis WordPress Custom Login plugin, or go complex using Gravity Forms.

    Now to customizing the Dashboard or Admin bar as you were also inquiring about.

    My personal favorite has to be Easy Blogging plugin which you can give as little or as much as you want of a custom dashboard and combined with or without Advanced Access Manager plugin stand alone or combined they both offer great customization of the dashboard including the admin bar.

    However, if you just want to disable the admin bar altogether you could use Disable Admin Bar plugin.

    I hope this gives you both some ideas and resources of how to make the admin bar, log in page, and dashboard suitable for your purposes and what you may envision.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mr. Busy
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    I thought the description of this plugin was a little misleading. On the Membership page it says
    "So if you’d like to create a site like GigaOm, Izzy Video, PSD Tuts or our very own WPMU DEV… now you can do that with ease!"

    WPMU Dev doesn't sign into backend of wordpress and I have been trying to get Membership to work for a few days. After reading through the manual, doing live chat and posting my own discussion, I am no closer than I was when I started previously a few days ago. Membership was one of the biggest reasons I bought this subscription and I'm no longer confident it is the solution I'm looking for.

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