How can I include wp-signup.php in a page?

Hey there, I’m running a multisite, and I want to insert “wp-signup.php” in a page i created which I’m using as the sign up page.

The reason I want to insert it into the page and not have the users go to “” is because the theme I’m using has a very nice options that would make the sign up page look alot better than just the normal “”

I’ve tried using an “Insert PHP” plugin, and tried to do <?php echo site_url(‘wp-signup.php?’:wink: ?> , but sadly it doesnt work, and an iframe wouldnt work for me either. Thanks for any information. I really apprecaite it.

Also some addition information: What I’m looking to do , seems to be something to how the Pro Sites plugin displays the

There is PRO page in the “Pages” sections of the wordpress panel but obviously there isnt anything in the content Editor but when you go to the Pro page (front end) there is the

“Please choose your desired plan then click the checkout button below.” + Plans +Checkout With PayPal, options,

so im not sure how thats being called, and it might related to a possible way of what im actually looking to do “Display the Wp-signup.php” inside a page.