How can I incorporate's CIM into a user's profile?

We currently have an account with CIM. We want users to be able to sign up with an account, but also have to flexibility to store/edit their credit card information from our website. They never actually pay online, we charge them manually after we've dropped off their laundry.

Is this feasible? Safe? Is it possible to never actually store any of the information on our servers, but rather use the API to get/set data via their CIM?

  • Vaughan


    I am not familiar with CIM, i'm not aware of any plugins that do this. I wouldn't call it safe though, Credit card companies are extremely strict on storage of cc details. Proper encryption, SSL, and all other things. A CCV number must never be stored at all & should always be entered by the customer etc. This is why websites tend to use gateway providers instead to handle transactions.

    i believe there's 1 for woocommerce & tribulant, but i don't know of any standalone plugins that do this. Our plugins definitely don't have this feature.

    Hope this helps

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