How can i integrate multiple 'my account' pages from different plugins, including Woocomme

I am using different plugins that add information to the 'my account' section, but not all the plugins aim to the same page.

For example, i am using a plugin that allow my users to publish recipes, and they get a special role to get the permission (Capability) and i am also using woocommerce with a 'multi-vendor' extension that allows my users to become a vendor in my site getting a comission, etc.
I need to mix all the different plugin 'my account' sections into just one page.

Is there a good way to create a new my account page from scratch where i could insert some php or shortcodes to show whatever i want to show depending on the user role?

I also would like to mix the different plugins capabilities (for example allow a multi-vendor role to publish recipes, both functionalities are given by different plugins).

Hope you get what i need, cheers.

  • Cultiva Tus Ideas
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Acces granted.

    Pluguins are:

    -Socio Multi Vendor (for woocommerce)
    -Sumo Reward Points
    -Cooked Recipes
    -Sabai Directory

    Hopefully i would like to have the 'my account' using the buddypress page.
    (the site is still in developement, thats why many of the plugins are not still totally set up)


  • Cultiva Tus Ideas
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thank you very much!

    Would you recommend me an easier workaround?

    I am thinking of something like:
    creating separated pages for each plugin frontend settings -or 'my account'- page (i guess as it should be by default) and give access to the users to these pages with a 'menu by user role' plugin.

    Do you guys think this would be achievable with less work?

    At the end what i really need is to get all these plugins to work togheter nicely

    Thanks again!!.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @Cultiva Tus Ideas

    As I said, this won't be an easy job I am afraid. Every plugins maintain its own structure, functionalities. Even the user data is saved differently in every plugin. So, you have to develop a totally separate page and show data from all plugins into that page. It will need a fair amount if code.


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