How can i integrate multiple 'my account' pages from different plugins, including Woocomme

I am using different plugins that add information to the 'my account' section, but not all the plugins aim to the same page.

For example, i am using a plugin that allow my users to publish recipes, and they get a special role to get the permission (Capability) and i am also using woocommerce with a 'multi-vendor' extension that allows my users to become a vendor in my site getting a comission, etc.
I need to mix all the different plugin 'my account' sections into just one page.

Is there a good way to create a new my account page from scratch where i could insert some php or shortcodes to show whatever i want to show depending on the user role?

I also would like to mix the different plugins capabilities (for example allow a multi-vendor role to publish recipes, both functionalities are given by different plugins).

Hope you get what i need, cheers.