How can I integrate Pay Per View with MarketPress

I have a very specific problem that I need to address quickly, if possible. My client needs to sell Pay Per View links (Google Hangout Sessions), but they also need Multi Vendor functionality. Specifically, users can sign up to sell Google Hangout Sessions to the general public.

What I need is a way for vendors to sell post access, while the Super Admin takes a percentage cut. I see how MarketPress allows for the Multi Vendor functionality and percentage cut, but what I really need is the ability for them to sell page access, not a physical product or digital download. Just post access. Can you please tell me if there is a way to do this via MarketPress? It seems that Pay Per View does this, but I need it to work with Multi Vendor. Any ideas or help is HHHUUUGGGEEELLLYYY appreciated!


Edit: Giving it more thought, is there a way to make a custom field (embed code) the actual product? For instance, a user can see the product page but only see certain code (embed, in this case) once they have purchased the session?