How can I lessen the space between my header and the nav bar?

I read one post in the forum about this and think it can be done. But, I just need to know where and specifically what I should do.

I installed a logo with title jpg into the studio theme - which I love btw.

The jpg is 980x87

There seems to be a lot of excess background between the bottom of logo and nav bar. Here is the url:

Thanks in advance! Linda

  • iempoweru
    • The Crimson Coder

    It does, but, now I have a stupid question. I am familiar with making adjustments in the css of themes by going into the editor on the dashboard dropdown for that theme. I did go to the editor of the theme in the network version of studio child - can't see this option in the site version. And there is not much in there. Then, just so I didn't have to look really stupid, I checked in the css file of studio child through my host. Same files of course. Should I add this to that location, or is there another place I need to look? And since you are reading this, when you say #site-logo, should I change the #site to the actual site it refers to? Thanks in advance! Linda

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