How can I list questions down the page.


As requested I've opened a new thread for this question.

The Q&A plugin is starting a new page for every question which is asked. So when you go to "Questions" to see whats been asked you have to click on a new page for each question. I was wondering how I could go about having let's say 10 questions showing per page show before people having to tab to a new question.


  • inets

    Just had a quick check and it's showing 20 by default.

    // Pagination
    define( 'QA_ANSWERS_PER_PAGE', 20 );

    So no idea why it's not showing as per normal. I went ahead and deactivated all my plugins, cleared the cache and I'm still getting the same result. It's strange as the test site one of the guys used to work out another bug shows up fine, but on the one which I want to run the plugin on it's having. Both are running the same theme, I disabled the plugins, cleared the cache to see if that would make a difference which it didn't. I also uninstalled the plugin, deleted all the files, disabled all the plugins, cleared the cache again, installed the plugin with nothing else running and still got the same result. I did have the theme customerized but it was to change the look of the site, not any theme coding itself. I even created a subscriber account with the 6 default settings to see if maybe I would get a different outcome, unfortunately it still showed up the same.

  • inets

    Hi guys, I'm starting to lose faith in support as I really need this plugin up and running on my site and would like some help. If it I was able to figure it out myself I wouldn't be bugging you but as it is I've tried everything I can think of short of asking for a refund and trying someone elses service.

    This plugin is going to be an intricate part of my site and generating traffic and would really like to get it sorted.


  • Philip John


    Sorry again for the delay getting to you here.

    Just so I'm absolutely clear on what you're wanting to achieve, here's how I read your initial post;

    You want to show 10 questions instead of the default 20, but you also want to show the question content and not just the titles. Is that correct?

    If so, changing that define as suggested by David will sort the number of questions shown.

    The display of the question content will take a little bit more work as you'll need to create a customised template file to insert into your theme. This is made easier by copying the default template files from the plugin folder.

    How comfortable are you with development? I can help guide you through if you are comfortable messing with PHP and HTML code.


  • inets

    Hi Phil thanks for the reply.

    Actually whats happening is that the questions are not listing down the page at all but instead going from tab to tab.

    This is a link to the questions on my site

    As you'll see there not listing down the page. I'm happy with them staying at 20 questions but just want them to list from top to bottom before moving to a second tab.


  • inets the number of questions are effected by how many blog posts are chose to be shown in the settings are of the page as well. I had it set to one as I only wanted one blog post to be shown at a time but now have it set up with a static page instead of a post.

    I've changed it back to 15 and the questions show as they should.

    Thanks for your help Phil, I can now go ahead and set up the questions page for my site. I know the plugin will help generate more traffic to my site with each questions being backlinked.