how can i make a sing up page for prosite for users in my membership

on a page in my membershipsarea i will place a link to the singup page where my users can activate there own prosite. on this singup page i want them directly to activate their site just be filling in the sitename and sitetitle and submit button?


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    I'm not sure I follow you 100%, but I know that you can just link them back to the registration page. If a user is signed in, they can register a blog from there and will only be asked for the url, blog name, and title.

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    I was a bit confused with register and singup. If i understand it well then register is for new users and singups for new sites? so what i need to do after someone logged in is place a link somewhere to the singup page and set my registration settings to Logged in users may register new sites.



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    With Multisite, they're actually one and the same. When a new user goes to signup, they should be given the option to create a site.

    This can be enabled from your network dashboard under Settings -> Network Settings. Under the registration settings section, make sure it's set to " Both sites and user accounts can be registered."

    The only exception to this would be if you have another plugin that is overriding the signup process.

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