How can I make all my headers visible to users who are not logged in?

I'd like my Blogs MU site to look the same for the public as it does for logged-in users as far as the headers and side-bar widgets go. For some reason, they disappear from view to the public, though the footers and menu are still visible. Do I need to tweak a setting?

  • Kimberly

    Hi there mgallaak!

    I've done some looking around and here is what I have found....

    The Blogs Mu theme uses the if logged in() function to check to see if it should show the headers, etc.

    There is no way, that I've found, that you can globally remove this. My suggestion would be to create a child theme and tweak the header.php to include the elements you want.

    There are a few options in the Theme Options that may help as well. I'll attach pics of the locations :slight_smile:



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