How can I make Fundraiser Plugin believe the sidebar is disabled

I am using a theme that has a FULL WIDTH option when displaying a post or page etc. This full width option is a simple check to set on any given output. See image:

If I set the post display as FULL WIDTH and I have the fundraiser plugin widget ACTIVE in the sidebar, that is hidden, the money etc part of the fundraiser that would be displayed in the sidebar is NOT displayed in the content display of the fundraiser post.

When that FULL WIDTH display is active the sidebar is not shown the fundraiser plugin thinks the sidebar and the fundraiser widget is active on the display. The fundraiser content does not contain the money items etc that are displayed in the widget in this FULL WIDTH state.

I have ask the theme creator to look into it and they completely do not understand the issue.

The problem is that I can not use a mix of sidebar and no sidebar displays with this issue. Yes I could do a normal post and use short codes but I would like to use the automatic feature of the fundraiser plugin to display or not display according to sidebar or no sidebar.

So how about a work around say a snippet, shortcode or something that fools fundraiser plugin when the FULL WIDTH display is used ?