How can I make my header colors different than blue in Wp For Android?

I want to change the header color in WP Android to a different color. How can I do this? Not sure that I read this anywhere. Thanks

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Hostpuppies

    Hope your well today and thanks for your question.

    In Eclipse, > wp-android > res > values > colors.xml and change the value of ` <color name="wordpress_blue">#21759B</color>

    Only change the hex value of 21759B and not the actual name wordpress_blue :slight_smile:

    Once that is done, re-compile :slight_smile:

    also, including @Patrick Cohen to get this added to the docs :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I'm almost finished...It's just the header that's holding me up. I was able to change the color on practically everything else I needed to change. I even changed the background color on the main login screen from white to gray and that wasn't even done through the colors.xml file...I was just playing around and figured some stuff out in some of the other files.

    The ONLY thing I'm having problems with is the header. I'm starting to believe that the header is a bg image in one of these folders. Just haven't figured out which one yet.

    I'll keep you posted. I'm trying to knock off this project by sometime tonight.

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive

    I got it! My suspicions were correct...."wordpress_blue" doesn't change the header but there's a couple of small png files in the res drawable folders that start with "ab", I assume for Action Bar and all I did was create a png of the color I want of equal dimension and named it as the file to replace it.

    The names of the files are:


    And they're in these folders:

    res > drawable-hdpi
    res > drawable-mdpi
    res > drawable-xhdpi

    I hope this helps anyone who has been struggling with figuring this out.

    I will post screenshots of my app in a little bit. I'm trying to figure out one last thing and that is putting some descriptive text right below the logo and before the login details on the main screen.

    I want to give people the breakdown of what I plan for this app to be all about and how they are to use it.

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive

    @Hostpuppies Here you go! :slight_smile:

    Attached is what app looks like now and what I'm trying to get it to be.

    I'm having hard time adding the text as shown in my example. It's not as simple as a webpage's HTML, lol. I wish it was. I found out how to add it but it keeps overlapping the other stuff such as the login details.

    Let me know what you think.

    If anyone needs some help with their app, let me know and I'll share with you what I found out so far.

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive


    No problem! I just figured out how to add background shapes and HTML to it and I got everything looking like how I want far.

    Now I'm looking into customizing the form boxes and removing the top box of having them type in a blog url. There is no blog url for my site. It's only one site that they can log onto and I feel that this might be a little confusing.

    I just want them to type in username and password and that's it. No extra stuff.

    I'm also looking for ways to remove the "Comments", "Pages", and "Quick Video" tabs. And put my Facebook and Twitter tabs there instead.

    I'll update you on that as well if interested.

    I'm also thinking about swapping out icons for those as well. We'll see.

    And that's pretty much it, lol.

    Then I'm ready to promote it. I'll probably upload it to market today and put it in beta test mode so the general public won't have access to it yet.

  • Hostpuppies
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    @Brennen we will be using this app and the Andriod app to allow our customers the opportunity to log into their WordPress sites that we have developed and control their posts and pages. Is there a way to get Jet pack stats into the app? Or Google Analytics?

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive


    I haven't looked into the stats thing yet as I don't need it for my purposes. If I stumble on something, I'll let you know.

    I run an online news magazine and I'm using app as a way to have news and content submitted to our editors for publishing.

    I'm going to try and make this fun and trendy at the same time. I was looking for a way to quickly, cheaply, and easily bring this functionality to an app and stumbled across it here and was like woah! This is exactly what I needed.

    The funny thing is that I use the Wordpress app all the time and never thought of skinning that app to make mine. I didn't even know it was possible until this app showed up. And that is reason why I was so focused on changing color bar and background color to make it as different as possible from that app. Which is why I may also swap icons out as well. The ones that show in the menu tabs.

    I uploaded my apk to Google for beta testing and am waiting on getting approved now. I'm getting a little excited. I'm ready to send the beta link to 10 of my friends with dummy logins and have them play with it and act like they're submitting posts.

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive


    It's finally in store. I had uploaded it for beta testing but it was taking so long to show up so I just pushed it to the storefront instead and it showed up within 45 minutes, lol.

    I figured that as long as I'm not promoting it yet that it shouldn't be a problem and I hopefully won't get any bad ratings if it's not quite up to par yet.

    You can download app by going here:

    My App

    I created some fake usernames that I will delete in 2 weeks.


    Pass: Test123!

    These accounts don't have the authority to publish but can submit posts for review by my editorial team. You can submit some dummy posts for review and I'll go in and delete them afterwards.

    Also, submit to me any questions about the app because I'm still trying to figure things out myself. I'm working on a splash page now and trying to figure out why my help tab opens in a new window instead of the help page staying in app.

    Thanks for your assistance. I appreciate it.

    Anyone else can test it out too using the dummy accounts above. I have no problem with it.

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks @Hostpuppies...I'm actually adding a splash page to the app now to show as it loads. Figured out how to do that. Jazzing it up a bit.

    @Jack Kitterhing,

    Any assistance on these things would be great.

    I'm getting the hang of things for the most part but I would like to know if you could point me in the right direction for removing tabs such as "Pages", "Comments", "Quick Photo", "Quick Video", and then replacing those items with other pages I define on my site such as a "Contests" tab for instance? A Facebook and Twitter tab as well. And to keep those pages within the app itself?

    Also, if you can do me a favor and dowload app above and log in with one of those dummy accounts, and click the help tab, for some reason it takes people away from my app to the help page. I want the help page to be within the app just like the edublogs app has it.

    I have no idea why this is opening in a new page by bringing up the browser. I didn't even change any of the tab items for it to do such a thing.

    If you can point me in the right direction, I'd be greatful.


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @Brennen,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    For adding and removing new menu items and pages you need to do the following.

    Open src/
    For adding a new section to menu in the method onCreate(…) you need to add:

    Where MyNewWindows() – this is a class with the structure:

    privateclassHelpextendsMenuDrawerItem {
    super(NewWindow_ACTIVITY,, R.drawable.dashboard_icon_subs);
    if (!(WPActionBarActivity.thisinstanceofNewWindowsActivity))
    mShouldFinish = true;
    Intentintent = newIntent(WPActionBarActivity.this, NewWindowsActivity.class);


    NewWindow_ACTIVITY– ID of menu section, announced:
    protected static final intNewWindow_ACTIVITY = 13;

    Each section should have its own unique ID, according to the number in the menu.

    New window activity, there is a guide on creating new activities here :slight_smile:

    To get rid of menu section you need to delete a line from method onCreate(…):

    where XXXXXXXX() – is the name of the section what you want to delete :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Brennen
    • Flash Drive

    @Jack Kitterhing

    Thanks for this! I'll look into it this weekend. I've had a pretty hectic week. Stayed away from the app completely, lol.

    I'll report my findings here when I get to tinkering around with things.

    Thanks again!

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