How can I make the PopUp pro work

Hey guys,

I am stuck with this from quite a lot time.
I hope you have a solution for this, could you please help me to achieve this result?
This is stopping us from going live.

Here is my question.
I am using PopUp pro plugin for the popup

When you click on "Join Us" there is a popup with the registration from
For this registration form to appear we have used Profile builder with the shortcode for registration
I used this plugin with reference to this thread

Now my question is.
1. When I fill the registration form and tap on register, the PopUp will disappear, again I have to click the same "Join US" to see the validation error :slight_frown: (The page refresh is not happening)
This is not user-friendly at all.
Could you please guide me how can I fix this?

If I have to use different plugin to achieve this module, please suggest.

2. When the user is registered, they are not getting an confirmation Email at all.
Though I have set up SMTP Postman.
Could you please help me with these two?

Here is what my requirement is

I want the user to Join my site using by registering via Social login(Facebook and twitter) and usual WordPress login.

This must happening using "Pop-Up"
Popup needs to be placed in the menu, name of the popup must me "Join us"
On tap of "Join us" the popup must appear, where the user will register if they are not registered.

If they have registered already they will login.

Once user is registered, they should get the activation link to their Email.

This is the simple requirement I have and I am stuck from very long time.
I am sure, I will be able to do this with the expert guidance like you people.

Kindly let me know how can I do this.

I have given the support access to you guys, please feel free to look into my site.

Thanks much