How can I modify users.php and edit.php to not query & load all users?

We have 125,000 members and are growing rapidly. When our authors & editors go to review posts, we are getting 504 errors because edit.php calls wp_list_table which calls _get_list_table('wp_posts_list_table') to get all members and displays them in a dropdown of authors. Only a few members (<100 editors&admin) need to be in the list even though we allow all members to post.

users.php does the same to re-assign posts when deleting a member. The same list works here.

  • Alexander

    Hi @vivinow,

    I've taken a look at this, and there isn't a way we can work this out without modifying core WordPress files, which I really wouldn't recommend. It's still a possibility, but maybe we can find an alternate solution

    How many users of the author and admin role do you have? Are we talking hundreds or thousands?

    Could you use a plugin like PermitPress to create additional roles? Then you could have a custom author roles that would have the correct privileges, but not end up being queried as it's not a true "author" role.

  • vivinow

    Thanks for the response and I would like to avoid modifying core WP files if possible.

    The requested answers are as follows:

    All members start as contributors and can post a draft.

    Only authors and editors can approve and publish them. Authors & editors & admin are about 10 today and probably would never be more than 100.

    How can roles can help because edit.php goes after all of our members and so does users.php?


  • Alexander

    Hi @vivinow,

    I'm sorry about the delay here. It sounds like because everyone is a contributor, they are all being added to that list. By making everyone a custom role (not a contributor) you'd avoid having everyone populated into that list.

    WordPress would look for contributors, editors, and admins, but only find a small amount.

    Then your custom role could still have similar permissions to a contributor. They just wouldn't be included in the query from that function.

    If you still want to modify core directly. This is an option. But I don't recommend doing it. Do you know the exact place in code where this is failing? Enabling WP_DEBUG can help you find out exactly where the problem occurs.

    Best regards,

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