How can I offer different website structure along with features using ProSites?


I need to be able to offer 3 different levels of websites (using multisite) which my clients can choose from upon registration and also upgrade to or downgrade from. One level will be a basic blogging level and so they should get access to a site set up and designed for this function when they register.
The next level will have the Appointments + plugin - if they select this on registration they will get access to the same site for blogging but it is now already set up and ready to go with this plugin installed (meaning all the pages that the plugin requires you to set up are already there and designed according to how we want it to look - the client doesn't have to create anything). Then the next level up - again something else, hopefully you get the picture.

Can this be done using ProSites or does it require the levels of sites having to be prebuilt and then manually copied to the new subsite? Any insight into this process is helpful and obviously if it can be automated that is what I would like to achieve.