How can I personalise e-newsletter to include the subscriber's name, or any other field I may h

I would really like to use e-Newsletter to send out regular updates - indeed it will, but there appears to be a big "BUT".... I can't see how I can personalise the newsletter with subscriber's names. Please tell me I am being a numpty... If I am not then please explain how it can be done, else I will have to go searching again as it is a fairly major shortfall in what I need to do.....



  • TrueHammer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks Jack - Bearing in mind the import function explains that importing first and last name is possible it suggests it should work (otherwise why bother to allow it???)

    BTW the on site promo for e-newsletter reads:


    The ultimate WordPress email newsletter plugin for WordPress, it'll save you time, money and $$$s instead of using third party platforms.


    .......dare I suggest that without personalisation the plugin is being somewhat oversold!!

    However, I am seeing a bit of a theme here and with other plugins.... I am sure all plugins work as intended (well largely), but I am guessing they are built by teckkies for teckkies and have little of no "business" direction in them and are built on a standalone basis ... as a result they are of limited value.

    For example, I would love to be able to use pop over to present a sign up form, that I use to grow subscribers for use with e-newsletter.... but popover has an issue with forms/submission (see comment above) and I lack the confidence in the joined up nature of your plugins to test the newsletter sign up in popover as I don't appear to be able to personalise the newsletter.

    The result is I am growing increasingly concerned that my membership is not offering great value for money at present!

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hello @TrueHammer

    I understand your concerns but please keep in mind that we are listening and stuff like you described should work and hopefully future updates will allow it if they dont.

    About customizing with name:

    here you can find that it is possible to use following stuff in you content:
    {USER_NAME} displays the user’s WordPress username in the newsletter
    {TO_EMAIL} displays the email address the newsletter was sent to
    {VIEW_LINK} displays the link to view the newsletter in a browser
    {DATE} displays the date the newsletter was sent

    Also i am currently finishing new version of the plugin that will improve eNewsletter.

    Hope this helps,

  • TrueHammer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Maniu, thanks for this - some comments:

    1. It would be really useful to have this available in the plugin, rather than searching the site/forums and not finding it.... but very useful.
    2. The import form shows e-mail*, First Name, Last Name. It appears that e-newsletter is mixing "WP usernames" and "e-newsletter First names" and calling them in the member list "Name". This is slightly problematic if a site is using e-mail for username - and therefore "Name" in e-newsletter and is also awkward if people are creating wacky usernames
    3. Imported members are not WP users at this stage
    4. I would love to see in the personalisation an option - for standard text if "Name" is blank - eg Dear "Sir/Madame"{Name} or Dear "subscriber"/{Name}

    So the current codes are useful but do not meet the "ultimate" claim, IMHO.

    I do not claim to be at all technical, but I do understand business and how it works and I understand technology to the level it supports a business - therefore I know when technology is not supporting the business requirement. I can see that e-newsletter could be a great asset to those who don't want to use mailcimp/getresponse/adweber etc etc, but at the moment I do not believe you can justify the "ultimate" claim as it stands at the moment.

    However I am impressed that I have had two responses in about 30 minutes, when other topics have had to be chased over a period of several weeks - at least I am not being ignored on this one!

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback they are certainly appreciated, I can understand all your points and we're always looking to improve our plugins and appreciate all suggestions on the plugins.

    I do see the issue you were having with the pop up plugin as well and hopefully this will be fixed/a work around found for processing forms through the pop up plugin, some forms do work with the plugin, but jetpack does indeed have issues with the pop up.

    I hope with all the continued feedback, we're continue to improve the plugins and they'll be what you are looking for :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • TrueHammer
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Jack, I think they key is to make sure your plugins work with each other, they work for business not just as the developer envisioned them and when comments are raised they donlt sit unanswered for months (the popover issue had loads on similar questions going back over a year - many unanswered).

    As an aside, have now invested in gravity forms (need to test with popover) and am thinking of sendpress in lieu of e-newsletter. If so, it would be difficult justifying additional membership here!

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @TrueHammer

    Thanks for the feedback! The backspace button problem is bit un-rare but stuff like this can happen, i will add this in one of the future versions. Also i will try to think about possibilities to improve addressing subscribers.


  • Sam
    • New Recruit

    Is there any update on this?

    The feature list does specifically say:

    include subscriber data, such as first name in your email

    I have done some tests and I can use {FIRST_NAME}

    I can also use {USER_NAME} and this will use the display name I set at registration (First/Last) however I explicitly wanted just the first name.

    It appears to work, please update the usage to include the placeholders. I spent over an hour messing about with your forums.

    Another recommendation, if a user searches for "e-newsletter placeholders" please put those containing both at the start. It is annoying having to browse through every forum post that mentions "e-newsletter".

    @TrueHammer I hope that helps.

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