How can I prevent support system emails?

I’m having an issue with the Tech Support plugin. I am handling the tickets for the client. But the client is getting all the emails for the tickets and it is email overload! I would like the emails to come to me only. I contacted you guys yesterday and I was given a wp_mail script to use but it affects the emails in the entire website including the regular contact emails from Contact7. I did find something. While looking in the plugin files, I found the file where the emails are being handled. The file is called mail-contents.php in the inc folder in the plugin. Can you modify this code to hardwire my email address so only I receive these ticket emails?

  • Panos
    • SLS

    Hi Luis ,

    I’m afraid plugin doesn’t provide filters for this, so you need to edit plugin file for this.

    If you mean that you don’t want the users to receive notifications, only admin, you can modify file:


    and at line ~184, fight after

    function incsub_support_send_user_reply_mail( $ticket, $reply ) {


    return true

    With the above change the admin will still receive an email notification, but the user will not.

    From what you are saying though, perhaps you need to change the email address of the administrator who receives the notification. For this you will need to edit same file. Go at line ~270 which should contain the following:

    wp_mail( $admin_user->user_email, __( "Ticket response notification: ", INCSUB_SUPPORT_LANG_DOMAIN ) . $reply->subject, $mail_content, $headers );

    in that line replace the


    part with your email, and it should look like

    wp_mail( '', __( "Ticket response notification: ", INCSUB_SUPPORT_LANG_DOMAIN ) . $reply->subject, $mail_content, $headers );

    Notice that the email string is in quotation marks (single or double should do).

    Hope this helps!


  • Luis
    • New Recruit

    May I suggest this to be implemented in the plugin? A checkbox or toggle to select if another user will be receiving the ticket emails instead of administrator. And a textbox to collect this email. Toggle triggers an IF-ELSE and textbox passes the value to the wp_mail instead of harcoding it. This, not only avoids hardcoding code, but also this is something that can be easily lost in an update if it’s not in a child theme config

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