How can I replicate the WPMUDev admin bar?


Can you tell me how to replicate the admin bar on WPMUDev please?

I am using Ultimate Branding on my site and have already got the admin bar to show my logo, and additional menu dropdown options under that logo.

But I cannot see where/how to add more links like you guys do above placed to the right of the dropdown, such as 'community' 'ask a question' 'live support' ...



  • aecnu

    Greetings James,

    Thank you for this great question.

    Everything you see here on WPMU Dev including the "Admin Bar" is indeed heavy custom coding and not relevant to the Ultimate Branding plugin nor the Custom Admin Bar plugin which has in addition been incorporated with the Ultimate Branding plugin.

    All of the Admin Bar coding is located in the /wp-includes/admin-bar.php file.

    Be sure to save a copy of this file before changing things (Just in case). As with all PHP files, small typos can cause the whole thing to bug-out.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • xaviemirmon

    @d3xta What @aecnu said is spot on. I would also think about creating your own plugin. I would have a look at the Custom Admin Bar plugin code and /wp-includes/admin-bar.php code and see if you create what you want. I just know that if you hardcode something into Wordpress it's a lot more likely that an update will break your adminbar. I like plugins because if something isn't working I can remove it from my site and have it up and running again. Just thought I would add that.