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After removing BuddyPress from my site, the wp-signup.php page is no longer displaying elegantly with my site theme. Uninstalling BuddyPress, and all the associated BP addon plugins, resulted in the BuddyPress signup page no longer being displayed (404 page not found). That behavior was expected. Now however, as I try to revert to using wp-signup.php, it no longer is matching my theme's layout. I've deactivated and reactivated all my plugins one at a time, testing to see if any of them seemed to be the culprit. I've also updated to the most recent version of my theme (enfold), so all the theme files should have been overritten/restored. I've also verified that my wp-signup.php is stock Wordpress as the file matches 100% to the 3.8.1 core I downloaded from

The problem appears that it may be related to my wp-signup.php page being displayed using my homepage template rather than the standard theme template. Description of a similar problem here:

Also reference to this issue being an atrifact of adding a home.php file to a child theme (which I may have done at some point as I've been adding and removing a variety of files from my child theme, but have no specific recolection of doing). wp-signup.php not using correct template

Also reference to the same issue here, How to change page template used for wp-signup.php, but the solution seems to address a symptom, rather than the problem which is the wp-signup.php file using the homepage template.

This guy also seems to have the same problem is rightfully points out that there's no explicit div in the wp-signup.php file to specify the page template that wp-signup.php should use: How to change page template

Then there's this post that seems to suggest that it's a WPMU issue with the wp-signup.php file supposed to use the page template rather than the inner page template, which doesn't make much sense: is_home retunrs true for wp-signup.php

Any suggestions for getting the wp-signup.php and wp-activate.php pages to render with the standard page template rather than the homepage template would be appreciated. You can see the page in question here:

Thanks for all your help, couldn't do this project without the WPMUDEV team!