How can I schedule weeks differently?

I'm creating an an appointments booking page for a writing lab which will have some days that have a heavy load (up to 42 appointments per day) and other weeks that will have as few as 8 appointments in a day. How can I change the calendar settings so that I can have different schedules on different days and weeks?



  • Jen

    Dear Michael,

    So sorry for the delay in replying to this.

    To answer your question in hope of getting help with mine: I have up to three people working at a given time, but 40+ people on the pay role all providing the same services. I have it set up right now so that I have 3 service providers and 3 services depending on the level of the students.

    However, some days, there will be 3 service providers available during 14, 30-minute shift in a day. Other days there will only be one service provider during 9 shifts.

    In looking at what I've done so far, I can't even figure out how to change it day by day without a lot of work with the 'exceptions' and so on. I'm really hoping you can help!



  • Ash

    Hello @Jen

    You need to configure the working hours of the service providers. If you go to Appointments > Settings > Working Hours there you can select a provider and set his working hour for each day.

    So for example, for Mon, Tue and Wed set working hours for all providers and for the other day you can select NO to two providers.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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