How can I sell my Multisite and the buyer be able to get updates

After trying a Multisite for the second time and realizing I need to concentrate on the Web hosting business and not just the Multisite that by the way has no customers besides myself, I want to sell the Multisite pro site plugin Blog.
Now here is the problem.
No ones going to buy the multisite with out being able to update the plugins on it. So that being said they will need a wpmuDEV Membership.
How can I allow the person buying it be able to update plugins with out going against the TOS of wpmuDEV.
1. Client dashboard?
2. Client dashboard with code to stop new plugins install, just updates of existing?

What is my best way to do this.
the last site I had I deleted and put something else on the domain and sold it. I don't want to have to do that this time.
As you read this I'm moving my sites off it.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Mitch!

    You're correct, all of the WPMU plugins you have installed on that network are in your name, and attached to your account. As of right now, we don't offer a limited version of the dashboard that would let the new network owner update plugins for as long as your WPMU DEV subscription was current. I can absolutely put in a feature request, but I'm unsure of how we can make this work without giving the new owner access to your WPMU DEV account, which is definitely against our TOU.

    Let me move this thread over the the WPMU Dash plugin topic, and toss in a feature request flag, which may get us some feedback from the dev.

    Thanks Mitch!

  • HamRadioDude

    I'm at the stage I would like to sell the site I have a lot to time invested in the setup and debugging of the site and it is running excellently and do no want to lose the time invested.
    What are my options of selling it for the new owner.
    this is my expectations of how I'm thinking I can sell it.

    1. If I sell it and the new owner needs a plugin updated can I give him the plugins to update the site?
    2. Can I leave my dashboard and api key on the site and I would keep the super admin account and give the new owner another super Admin account to run the site. But I would need a way for him or her not to be able to get my API key. I think I read I could hid the dashboard to everyone except user number 1 and that would be me.
    But the only problem I see is the owner would have access to FTP and be able to change that in wpconfig.php then get it and put it back. Maybe I'm wrong?
    Could you pass this along to the Higher ups and get a clarification of what I can and can't do I want to follow the rules. Love you guys and the support I get here. If I have to trash the site because I can't sell it I will.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey HamRradioDude,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Most of our users that provide sites for clients will also provide a maintenance service too that includes updates. Updating any plugin/theme can sometimes cause an unforeseen conflict, which to a site buyer might freak them out if they don't have their developer to take care of it.

    I do understand that isn't always the case though, and that's when as Aaron mentioned, it would be a good idea for them to get a membership then if they have any issues after you hand over the site we can help out too.

    Sounds like you may have found your own solution here already though :slight_smile:

    Happy New Year HamRadioDude! See ya in 2015.


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