How can I send single newsletters from one master blog?

Your eNewsletter plugin is fantastic. Love it!
Have 14 WP blogs and want to use eNewsletter to send email newslettters from one master blog.. Really important. Not send separate newsletters each blog. Too much work and time.
I made (6000 reg users) the master blog and all other blogs as child blogs using your User Sync plugin. I made sure this plugin was installed on all blogs and the child blogs had appropriate API key. My intent is to send email newsletters from one blog only ie I thought user sync plugin would sync users from all blogs and add them to so total users for this blog should be approx 50,000 not 6000 above. and both have 20,000 + reg users for instance.
So it appears user sync plugin is not working (unless I've missed something).
Kevin user=icgold