How can I set custom working hours?

When I go to set custom working hours I only get three options from the drop down, 12am, 10am, and 8pm. I would like the day to start at 8am and end at 12am. Please advise.


  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    I am not sure why you only see 3 times in the drop down list. have you made any modifications to the plugin at all?

    could you switch to a default 2012 theme to see if the problem persists?

    with regards to offering only 1 appointment per day. I'm not sure you can achieve that by having the whole day available. what have you set for time base in settings?

    you would have to select specific working hours. ie. 9 am - 10am 1hr appointment. then only that time slot will be available.

    you would have to create different time slots per provider (if there's only 1 provider, you can create a dummy provider on the service providers page)

    the dummy provider is the same as the main provider in the settings page, so essentially, you then create different working hours for each dummy provider.

    you could add 12 dummy providers each with different 1 hr slots. but that wouldn't get round the issue of only having 1 appointment per day (if you want users to be able to select any time of day)

    i'm not sure what you ask is possible without some customizing of the plugin.

    it's certainly not a feature i have ever seen asked for. multiple time slots is frequently requested, but disabling any further appointments on that day once 1 appointment has been booked that day hasn't been.

    you could possibly find a developer over at

    I will also add this to the feature requests for you.

    hope this helps.

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