How can I set PPV subscription to not unlock all content?

Hi, I'm attempting to set up the PPV plugin with our website, but I've got a couple issues. Is it true that if I allow for the "access content for __ days" option to my customers, this will unlock ALL ppv content on my site? I want to set up the plugin on multiple pages, and allow a one-time view or 2-week access for the content on each page. If they purchase the 2-week access on one post, wouldn't the plugin allow them to access all of the other pages as well?
Also, how can I set this up so that registration to the website is not required? Our site does not support user registration. Can customers still purchase a two-week subscription to designated content without registering to our site?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @todd,

    Yes, it's true.

    Any subscription or the daily pass will unlock all content. Only the one-time view limits to that content only.

    All plans with exception to the one-time view actually require user registration, this can't be changed.

    I believe this is on the feature list to improve, though I can't give an ETA on when this functionality will be added. I will certainly add this again though, the more people that request these feature, the higher priority they are given.

    Hope this helps