How can I set specific session hours for each day in Appointments+?


This is Stephane from Paris, France.

I would like to know how I can “force” the plugin to propose only specific hours for the services I propose?

Here is what I need :

For example, on Monday, I would like to have only 3 sessions availables, the first one starting at 10.00 am to finish at 1.00pm, the second one starting at 2.00pm to finish at and the 3rd one to start at 8.00pm to finish at 11.00 pm. They all would last 3 hours but I need each one to start at a specific time for a specific day.

Thus, I do not want a client to choose on Monday to start at 11.00 (instead of 10.00 am) just because the slot is displayed as free. I realyy do need to have a session starting at 10, another one at 2.00pm and the last one at 8.00pm – and nothing starting in between.

Even when I use the break, I do not manage to make it happen…

Your help to solve this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,