How can I set up Membership Tiers across 2 sites with Multisite?

I have to share registrations and memberships across two sites. I have 2 websites, both with only pages, no blog or anything - just the main one with some pages that all visitors can access, and some that only Members can access on 5 different tiers, 2 free, three subscription - and the subdomain that has Marketpress with a retail store area accessible by all visitors, and a special store just for the 4th & 5th tier Members. Most importantly, this Membership tier system doesn't allow the prospective Member to choose a Membership level -there are triggers that move them from one level to the next - Tier 1 they have to register to access the Membership application, 2 is the application process, 3 they pay their first monthly dues, then 4 they purchase a start-up package, and 5 is an Active Member. There are a number of forms that come into play during this tiering process. We use Gravity Forms for that.

So, with all that background, my question is, can Membership be set up to accomplish these things? To integrate with Gravity Forms, and Stripe, and carry the login and Membership tier data/permissions across the two sites with Multisite?



  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Sherry,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    This wouldn't currently be possible without custom coding and advance integration between gravity forms and the membership plugin.

    It can be set out of the box to have the different subscriptions you need, and it can work across the multisite using the define for global tables, so it works across the multisite install :slight_smile:

    For the integration, you may want to post a job on the WPMU DEV job board on


    Kind Regards

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