How can I temporarily pause all sending to all subscribers except for a few select emails for test.

Hey there,

How can I temporarily pause all sending to all subscribers except for a few select emails for testing (like myself and two others) with Subscribe by email? I would much rather to this rather that export and delete and re-upload if possible.

If, however, I must export and delete how can I delete them all without having to go page by page (there is like 40 plus pages) of subscribers? Need to do it all in one shot?

This is so we can do a lot of testing with timed notifications and the look at feel of the actual emails being sent by the way (so any other info on doing that would be helpful). We don't want them all getting a bunch of test notifications etc.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Greg,

    I don't think this is possible from within the plugin looking at it.

    If you want to grab a list of all subscribers by using the DB itself you can use the following query in phpmyadmin.

    SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'subscriber';

    That should give you a list of all subscribers.

    However, if you wish to remove all subscribers (this will exclude all subscribers that are pending, that is, their address hasn't been confirmed) you can use the following query

    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'subscriber' AND 'post_status = 'published'

    If you wish to not delete specific users email addresses, you can modify the query like below;

    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'subscriber' AND 'post_status = 'published' AND post_title <> '' AND post_title <> ''

    this will delete all subscribers except for those subscribers with the email addresses matching above

    Hope this helps

  • Greg
    • The Exporter


    Ok. After using phpmyadmin to export them will it give all the column info as well? Right now, doing a straight export from the plugin it only gives email addresses fyi.

    Also, if, through phpmyadmin, it does actually export all column data, how can I import via phpmyadmin the exact same emails along with ALL the same associated column data as well (vs. just email addresses only like the plugin exports)?


  • Greg
    • The Exporter


    Morning (usa time) . . .

    I was just checking in to see if you could look at the last response (of course I know you are busy busy).

    I don't typically follow up unless it is a little pressing or it has been a long time or something. In this case, it is a bit pressing (need to get started on this project this morning if possible).


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