How can I use the mult-domain plugin to administrate all my urls on the same server?

I have a seo server that has a lot of domain names, url's. I am trying to get a setup where I can perform basic admin task all at the same time. I installed the multi-domain plugin and I have added several urls but Im not sure what to do next. All of the urls have a existing wordpress install, is that an issue I need to fix? I have followed the steps on the multi-domain page but I really dont know what Im doing. Just to wrap up-I have one server, lots of urls that currently have their own wordpress install. I am wanting to do a multi-domain setup to administrate all of them. How do I do it?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @donny,

    I think you maybe a little confused with what multidomains is used for.

    It allows sites on a multisite install to use their own domains and allows users to select their domain/subdomain for their own subsite.

    It can't be used to manage domains across totally seperate wordpress installs.

    If the sites are all single wp sites and not multisites, then you could perhaps use a plugin such as managewp.

    Hope this helps

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