How can people schedule their dog walks weekly through A+


I was very excited to use A+ and have spent the last few days setting it up to fit our Animal Pet Care site. As we are testing out the near-finished calendar schedule, we noticed that a client wouldn't be able to select a dog walking session (for example) 4 times a week.

We have multiple clients that have different scheduling needs for their pets. Some need once a week, while others need walks up to 5 times a week, and everything in between.

I tried setting up MarketPress to handle Monthly Packages, but then I would have to set up 7 (for each day of the week) different prices for EVERY SINGLE service we provide. This wouldn't be a good look.

I was really hoping there would be a simple solution to this. I have spent all day researching an answer and it seems many others are having this same issue that has been prevalent for the last 2 years and I'm curious as to why this major feature has been overlooked.

Any help would be much appreciated or else we would have absolutely no use for A+.

Thank you.
-Holliday Pet Care