How can Wordpress users not have an email?

I have been clearing out users that may have been created with automated structures and have found a number of users with no email address. I was under the impression that it is impossible for an outside user to create an account without a uniquely associated email address. How do you suppose this is being done? Is there some back door to Wordpress I need to know about that a non admin could exploit to create users?

The only ways that people can create an account is to either register for the site and get mailed a password or use the Ultimate Facebook plugin to login with their Facebook account. Under both conditions, an email address is logged.

What could be causing these users I have with no email address?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @Henry

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    1. The emails may be deleted from DB manually.
    2. Or the email may be deleted from any plugin or theme functionality?

    How many users are you seeing without email? Please let us know.


  • CypressInheritance
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I've been wondering if an end user can somehow delete their email address after creating an account. I am the only one with access to the database, so no one else could do that.

    We are trying to control sploggers and robots with WangGuard, which seems to be working well. But I am not aware of WangGuard allowing a user to create an account and then deleting their email address.

    Most of the people who seem to have these accounts with no email seem to be from Bangladesh, according to their IP address. Out of my 1600 users, I currently have 58 who have managed to create accounts without an email address, so someone must have figured something out.

  • CypressInheritance
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    There a quite a few plugins on the site but I am now wondering if this is related to Ultimate Facebook. I notice that the accounts missing email addresses seem to be facebook accounts. They all follow this format first-name_last-name. On a hunch, I put those names in facebook and sure enough, an account with a profile picture that matches the profile picture on my site comes up.

    Could there be a privacy feature that is preventing the email address from being recorded? Or could this be a bug with the Ultimate Facebook plugin? Just to test, I deleted my own account and signed up the the wordpress site with The Ultimate Facebook plugin, but it recorded my email address.

    • Jose Conti
      • Flash Drive

      It is possible.

      Few month ago, the Facebook connection plugins used the emails. Now, that emails were removed by Facebook, so its possible that now, there isn't emails if the user don't allow to fetch it.

      If it is true, I don't like that workform because you cannot contact with the "Facebook users" and they cannot be notify of new message, mentions, etc... And it is not a natural WordPress workform, because every WordPress user needs an email and that can make errors if a plugin, e.g. BuddyPress, want to sent and email to a fb user. So, if Ultimate Facebook allow to signup without emails, I think it has to be corrected.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi Guys

    I am extremely sorry for the delay in this thread.

    About the issue of ultimate branding, I moved the thread to that plugin support section. Honestly, we didn't see this issue earlier. I have just tested right now and as you said, it saved my email too.

    I am sending a note to the developer @Vladislav if he can figure out any issue.

    We appreciate your patience on this.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Actually, email is a bit of info that's required by Ultimate Facebook in order to register an user (and, later on, to check its existence). Usage and/or removal of the facebook email addresses shouldn't be a problem here, as the plugin doesn't update the emails. In order to ensure this problem isn't coming from the Ultimate Facebook, a new minor release is in the works (and, in fact, a Beta version should already be available) with some additional checking in place.

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