How come I can't come up with a question that satisfies this field's requirements?

Oh, that's one.

This is what I want:

Visitor lands on site: sees popup that contains embedded formstack form

If visitor fills out form: popup goes away forever, or the longest we can set a cookie for

If visitor does NOT fill out form: popup returns when visitor attempts to exit

How can I do this?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Charlene!

    I"m a little bet confused about your initial question, which field are you having trouble with?

    As to your Pop Up question, that depends. Since you're using Formstack to generate your form, is there any record that stored on your WordPress install that lists which users have filled it out, or is that stored elsewhere?

    If it's stored on your site, it's possible to tie into that list to make a check as to whether or not the user has previously filled in a form, but it would take some custom work beyond what I can do in a forum post. We do have a jobs board where that sort of work can be hired out, however.

    Hope this helps!

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