How copy the Page Attributes using Multisite Content Copier

When copying Pages, is there a way to retain Parent/Child relationship in the Page Attributes? Currently pages show up in the copied to site root and appear in the navigation automatically. All sites in this network use the same top level architecture for top level pages.

The site uses the "Exclude Pages" plugin, so part B would be is there a way to "uncheck" that option for any page copied.

Being able to set either one of these would probably solve the issue.

  • Webmaster

    Hi - I tested this and it does work as you outline, but will not work for our needs as this copies over all the parent pages - which in most cases (a) creates duplicates those pages on the copied-to-site and (b) sticks those duplicated pages into the top navigation.

    Is there anyway to copy over a page so it keeps it location in the architecture of the site. IE, a page copied from Parent Page > Child 1 Page would go into the copied-to site under the same Parent Page.

    Other option is if there is anyway always un-check the "Include this page in lists of pages" that is on each page via the Exclude Pages plugin. Happy to pay if this can be done with custom code.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for getting back to us. Sorry, I misunderstood the question I think - so the parent page has been copied over previously and you want copy over more child pages to sit underneath the parent page so your menu's order is still correct?

    As for option B I had never actually tried that plugin before; however, I took a look at it and found some code in their forums that may help us here:

    You will want to replace this line in the function "ep_this_page_included()":

    if (! $post_ID;) return true;

    with this one:

    if($_GET[action]!='edit') return false;

    The line is around line 132.

    That should make the include this page in lists of pages default to unchecked. The post was about 2 years old; however, the plugin hasn't been updated in awhile either so should still work.

    Hope that helps!

    Let us know if you still need further assistance :slight_smile:


  • Webmaster

    Hi Tyler - thanks for that post, I applied it and it does work to turn off the check box to "include in navigation" when creating a new page on that site.

    Unfortunately, the box still defaults to checked in the target site when using the Multisite Content Copier regardless of how I create the source page or if it is checked on that source page. So the issue of the "copied" page showing up in the top level navigation is still there.

    Any other ideas on how we might "un-check" this option during the copy process? Or anything so pages are not copied to the top level of the target site and show up in the top navigation. (pass: dev) is a sample of the test page in the top navigation.

    Thanks much for your help with this.

  • Webmaster

    Hi Tyler

    Don't think that will work because the menus get screwed up when that is off and this is in corporate multisite setup where turning on/off plugins to copy a page prob won't fly.

    We are OK to pay for custom code to have this featured turned off on page copy. If we go that route we have one other request as well which is that Site Admin users can copy pages (not just Super Admin). Or at least copy pages to the sites they are part of a Group.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your patience on this.

    Perhaps you have already done this, but this would be a good one to post on our Jobs Board :slight_smile:

    which is that Site Admin users can copy pages (not just Super Admin). Or at least copy pages to the sites they are part of a Group.

    The issue here is that the plugin is controlled through the network admin dashboard and that is, as you know, inaccessible to the admin users. In order to make this useable on a subsite it would be a pretty big customization. With that said, I am definitely going to move this over to the feature requests for you :slight_smile: would be a cool feature to have.

    Let us know if you have any further questions on this.

    All the best,

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