how could i let people who bought an item submit a review?

is there some way i could make it so a product can be reviewed but only by people who have purchased the product?

if not, could this be moved to the feature request because it would be pretty useful of a feature

  • DavidM
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    Hi mrmikeman,

    Definitely agreed, that would be a very nice feature. Currently though, MarketPress doesn’t have any integrated review/rating method, though the Post Voting plugin could perhaps be used for that, providing 2 levels of votes (thumbs up or thumbs down).

    Using template tags, it would also be possible to customize MarketPress template files to display the voting options only for users who have made a purchase, just would take a bit of coding.

    That said, any +1s on a review/rating system for MarketPress?


  • mrmikeman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    hells yeah :slight_smile:

    im not sure thumbs up and down would be the greats way though, i think like on the product page there might be a two tabs under the post, Comments | Reviews now im sure this would take even more coding, but it would be far better. any good website that sells things lets users write a comment review on the product so it would be best to have a better system like that..

    i wonder if using the order id as something of a password to allow the person to leave a Review Comment might help? i unno. just think post vote plugin would be a little lacking in coolness, if anything a 5 star rating plugin would be better.

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