How do can I make my domains not show a subdirectory in the address bar for a homepage?

Hi there,

I’m really struggling with my wordpress multi-site. I have several domains that I want to run off a shared hosting. My core site works well, however any additional site asks me to put in a directory name for the homepage. I can get the sites to work ok, however the address is I obviously want to get rid of this as isn’t very user friendly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Alexander
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    Hi @luke,

    This is actually how Multi domains works. It allows several sites to operate off of multiple domains. The the final site urls would look like:

    If you’re just trying to setup one domain to point to an existing subsite, then you would need our domain mapping plugin. For example, this is what it would do: – > – > – >

    It essentially maps new domains to existing subsites.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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  • Luke
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    Thanks for the super quick reply Alexander,

    That is a little unfortunate if that’s the case as that’s not what I’m really trying to achieve. Any advice on a way to resolve my issue though? Is there a different plugin or is it just not achievable?

    Thanks again,


  • Alexander
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    Would Domain mapping not work for you (as described above)? If you’re just trying to point a domain to a sub site on your network, this would be the way to go. Or perhaps you could elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish?

    Take care


    You might just need to wait for google to re-index on the new URL. Try googleing the new domain every few hours and see if it picks it up. If you need more help, would you mind posting a new question? Then we could take a look at your issue specifically.

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