How do do and where to do a login redirect so the profile page withnot be shown to the user?

I posted a question yesterday with a problem that the user is being redirected to the profile page if they login or have problems in registering incorrectly? I was doing some research today and it was stated a person can do a redirect so this profile page was not seen by the user.

My question is:
How, where, and what does a person do to accomplish this so a user is not directed to the Wordpress profile page?

Thank you

  • Huckleberry Press

    Hi Michael,
    Hope you are Having a Great Day!

    This is in regard to one of the many many discussions out there on several forums actually. Upon further investigation since posting this, I see many people have referred to this issue. I see there are a couple of plugins out there that seemly confront this issue:
    1. WP Block Admin
    2. Remove Dashboard Access

    What these plugins appear to do is the problem, not only I am having trouble with, many have had this issue for versions of Wordpress for a very long time.

    It was a hard problem to explain and I apologize for the confusion. Maybe this gives you a clearer picture of what is making me pull my hair out as it gives a very sloppy look of professionalism to a site.

    Do these 2 above mentioned plugins work? And would they work on my multisite install?

    Hope to hear from you soon and Thank you for your help!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hi there @Huckleberry Press,

    As for the two plugins you mentioned, I wouldn't recommend using them, since they haven't been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress (the first plugin was last noted to work with WordPress 3.3.2; the other with 3.5.2; WordPress is up to version 3.9 right now).

    Could you tell me more about this site, and what it's supposed to do? You mentioned that it's a multsite setup right now, but I don't really know much beyond that at this point.


  • Huckleberry Press

    Hi Michael,
    The website I am working on is Right now trying to get this bug out of the classifieds plugin. Just don't wish to have the users to have access to the dashboard/admin area. Seems to be a cleaner site by just staying on the website page. It works alright but when a user enters in the wrong credentials it defaults them to the dashboard/admin area and to another WP login page. Not real professional looking and probably confusing to many users. I did find another plugin but it was only updated to version 3.8.3 I believe (WP-admin-no-show). I believe this was recommended from another WPMU Dev person at a earlier posting on a website.

    From what I'm reading there are many complaints out there with this issue, especially from earlier versions of wordpress, but with little conclusive resolve to this issue.

    Open to ideas here.


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