How do I activate the default theme?


I installed the Directory plugin, but found that when I viewed listings in a particular category, it was styled like it was a 'blog archive' page. And when I looked at a particular listing, it was just the content within a normal 'post' page.

I started investigating how I could style my directory pages, and in other posts members talk about activating the plugin's default theme... I cannot work out how to do this. I was hoping I could go into the Listings' settings and set a theme for my directory, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

How do I assign a particular theme to my Directory/Listings page without affecting the rest of my site? (I'm using a custom theme for this based on the Whiteboard framework).

It might be good if I could add extra page templates to my custom site template, and assign one to a part of my listings pages. Eg. listing_home.php for my main page where I list all the categories, single_listing.php for an individual listing, etc. Or if there is an easier way, even better!