How do I activate the PayPal express gateway?

I'm building out my website and have set up Membership to manage my subscriptions and access levels. I want to use PayPal Express to manage taking in the cash. I have a PayPal business account and tried to activate the PayPal Express feature in the Options section of Membership. But when I view the site as any of the levels, I can't see any buttons to register. I went ahead and activated Enhanced Subscriptions (for $19.99/mo) in PayPal, but I'm not sure I need that, do I need it? I found information on PayPal express in the PayPal website, but the information there says I should go to to set it up. I called and talked with them already and they said I should talk with you guys since I'm using membership?

I've already activated it in the membership menu, and created custom buttons. But nothing is showing up on my site. Please let me know how to activate the PayPal Express Gateway. Thank you!