How do I add a link to the home page logo and footer text?

Hi, can you tell me how to add a link to my logo in the header so it links to the home page.

I'm also having difficulty adding links to the footer.php

You can reference my post right before this regarding the footer. I imagine the person who was helping me is no longer there, and I really need to figure it out.

Could you please help?


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Rebecca Fonseca

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Where is the homepage logo? In your themes files, uploaded in the media area, is it set within the admin area, or just called within the theme files? It depends really you could use either just a normal link such as a <a href="yourlinkhere with an <img tag, or you could use php, which would you rather go with?

    With regards to the footer issue, it looks like my colleague @Vaughann is on top of that and I'm sure he'll answer ASAP, Please don't open up multiple support topics for the same issue, we will get all issues resolved ASAP and it can sometimes cause confusion if multiple members of staff are answering the same issue and they're not aware some one else is already handling the issue :slight_smile:

    Thank you! Look forward to assisting you with the header issue :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards

  • Arizona Girl

    I'm not really sure how this is set-up.

    Here's the code relevant to the header in the css and code in the header.php files:

    ------------------------------css -------------------------------------------------------

    #top-header-block, #main-footer-block { color: #fff; font-size: 14px; font-family: Arimo; line-height: 22px; padding: 10px 0 0; background: #007CC2; }
    #top-header-block .inner, #main-footer-block .inner { position: relative; text-align: left; width: 960px; margin: 0 auto; padding: 20px 0; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget { padding: 0; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .textwidget { float: left; }

    #top-header-block .inner .widget h1 { background: url(images/logo.png), h ref; width: 300px; float: left; height: 49px; text-indent: -9999px; padding: 0; margin: 3px; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .login { width: 200px; float: left; margin-left: 10px; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .login span { text-transform: uppercase; display: block; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .login a { color: #FE8923; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .login a:hover { font-weight: bold; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .social .facebook, #top-header-block .inner .widget .social .twitter { display: block; height: 50px; width: 50px; float: left; text-indent: -9999px; margin-left: 20px; margin-right: 0px; }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .social .facebook { background: url(images/facebook-icon.png); }
    #top-header-block .inner .widget .social .twitter { margin-top: -24px; background: url(images/twitter-icon.png) }
    #top-header-block .inner .searchform { width: 230px; height: 30px; border: 1px solid #ccc; float: right; margin-top: 8px; position: relative; background-color: #91c3df; }
    #top-header-block .inner .searchform label { display: none; }
    #top-header-block .inner .searchform #s { width: 200px; border: none; background: none; background-color: transparent; padding-left: 20px; font-size: 13px; }
    #top-header-block .inner .searchform #searchsubmit { cursor: pointer; height: 30px; width: 30px; position: absolute; top: 0x; right: 1px; background: url(images/search.png) no-repeat; text-indent: -9999px; border: none; }
    #main-footer-block .inner .otw-sidebar { width: 18%; margin-right: 4%; float: left; padding-left: 20px; }
    #main-footer-block .inner .widget ul { list-style-type: none; margin: 0px;}
    #top-header-block .inner .widget li, #main-footer-block .inner .widget li, #main-footer-block .inner .widget li a {color: #fff !important; margin-left: 0px; padding: bottom: 10px; }
    #main-footer-block .inner .widget:last-child { margin-left: 0; margin-right: 0; padding-right: 0px; }
    #top-header-block h1, #top-header-block h2, #main-footer-block h1, #main-footer-block h2, #main-footer-block { color: #fff !important; font-size: 16px; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: 1px; padding-bottom: 10px; }


    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <!--[if IE 6]>
    <html xmlns="" id="ie6" <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <!--[if IE 7]>
    <html xmlns="" id="ie7" <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <!--[if IE 8]>
    <html xmlns="" id="ie8" <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <!--[if !(IE 6) | !(IE 7) | !(IE 8) ]><!-->
    <html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <meta charset="<?php bloginfo( 'charset' ); ?>" />
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" />
    <title><?php elegant_titles(); ?></title>
    <?php elegant_description(); ?>
    <?php elegant_keywords(); ?>
    <?php elegant_canonical(); ?>

    <?php do_action('et_head_meta'); ?>

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_stylesheet_uri(); ?>" type="text/css" />
    <link rel="pingback" href="<?php bloginfo('pingback_url'); ?>" />

    <!--[if lt IE 7]>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/ie6style.css" />
    <!--[if IE 7]>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/ie7style.css" />
    <!--[if IE 8]>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/ie8style.css" />
    <!--[if lt IE 9]>
    <script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/html5.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.documentElement.className = 'js';

    <?php wp_head(); ?>
    <body <?php body_class(); ?>>
    <header id="top-header-block">
    <div class="inner">
    <?php dynamic_sidebar('top-header-widgets');
    get_search_form( true ); ?>
    <div style="clear: left"></div>
    <div id="container">
    <?php do_action('et_header_top'); ?>
    <header class="clearfix">
    <hgroup id="logo-area">
    <?php $bloginfo_name = get_bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>
    <h1 id="logo">
    " title="<?php echo esc_attr( $bloginfo_name ); ?>"><?php if ( 'false' == et_get_option( 'flexible_logo_image', 'false' ) || '' == et_get_option( 'flexible_logo' ) ) echo apply_filters( 'et_logo_markup', $bloginfo_name ); else echo '<img src="' . esc_url( et_get_option( 'flexible_logo' ) ) . '" alt="' . esc_attr( $bloginfo_name ) . '" />'; ?>
    <h2><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></h2>

    <nav id="top-menu">
    $menuClass = 'nav';
    if ( et_get_option('flexible_disable_toptier') == 'on' ) $menuClass .= ' et_disable_top_tier';
    $primaryNav = '';
    if (function_exists('wp_nav_menu')) {
    $primaryNav = wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary-menu', 'container' => '', 'fallback_cb' => '', 'menu_class' => $menuClass, 'echo' => false ) );
    if ($primaryNav == '') { ?>
    <ul class="<?php echo esc_attr( $menuClass ); ?>">
    <?php if (et_get_option('flexible_home_link') == 'on') { ?>
    <li <?php if (is_home()) echo('class="current_page_item"') ?>>"><?php esc_html_e('Home','Flexible') ?>
    <?php }; ?>

    <?php show_page_menu($menuClass,false,false); ?>
    <?php show_categories_menu($menuClass,false); ?>

    <?php }
    else echo($primaryNav);
    </nav> <!-- end #top-menu -->

    <?php if ( ( $phone_num = et_get_option('flexible_phone_num') ) && '' != $phone_num ) echo '<span id="phone">' . $phone_num . '</span>'; ?>
    <div id="main-area">
    <?php do_action('et_header_menu'); ?>

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Rebecca Fonseca

    I hope you are well today, thanks for sending through the file, this is the flexible theme from elegant themes? The logo should already have the link behind it, it looks like it's there in the code, did you change it at all, is there still an option for the link in the admin panel within theme options for that? :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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