How do I add a Link to the Nav Menu on a Profile Page?

I'd like to add a link to a page I'm building called "Do More with Housingstorm" that will detail all of the features we offer. This seems like a good place to put it.

It doesn't look like there is a file specifically for this menu, so maybe it will take building a php file under members-single?


  • Tammie

    @gregfielding: hmmm you'll be looking at a buddypress file edit there unless you do a section by section one. There may be a plugin though you could consider perhaps not sure if such a one exists but it would be worth you searching maybe. That bit you are pointing to is the auto generated menu.. now you could add before or after but again you're editing files even the buddypress template files.

  • gregfielding


    Maybe there's another way to skin this cat...

    What I want is conditional buttons, only visible to a member who is logged in. I want one to link to a page I'm making to detail all of our features and how to use them. And I want the other to open a mailchimp sign-up form to receive "tips-tricks and new features-type" updates.

    I thought this menu made sense. But , seeing as how they would only be visible to the member anyway, maybe I could put them in the sidebar. This should be much more doable.

    I'll start a new thread with an official plugin request for a conditional "if logged-in" text widget.

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