How do I add a Link to the Nav Menu on a Profile Page?

I'd like to add a link to a page I'm building called "Do More with Housingstorm" that will detail all of the features we offer. This seems like a good place to put it.

It doesn't look like there is a file specifically for this menu, so maybe it will take building a php file under members-single?


  • gregfielding


    Maybe there's another way to skin this cat...

    What I want is conditional buttons, only visible to a member who is logged in. I want one to link to a page I'm making to detail all of our features and how to use them. And I want the other to open a mailchimp sign-up form to receive "tips-tricks and new features-type" updates.

    I thought this menu made sense. But , seeing as how they would only be visible to the member anyway, maybe I could put them in the sidebar. This should be much more doable.

    I'll start a new thread with an official plugin request for a conditional "if logged-in" text widget.