How do I add a support page portal to the front end?

Hi, I noticed a couple others asked this question but some are old questions and I don't want to clutter/show something as unresolved if they are happy.
I would really like to have some sort of support portal on the front end of the site, where users don't have to go to the admin side to hunt down where to request support. I would like to add a menu page where users can submit a ticket or view their ticket status and see latest and/or greatest FAQs. It seems to me a little jarring or disruptive to my intended site flow to make people go to the back end to seek support or view FAQs, especially if they are already experiencing an issue. I can link to the back end sections it but then my site theme and flow is lost. Will you please add one voice to the feature suggestion to add some sort of end-user shortcode or page available for the support plugin to display front end end user interaction? I am thinking maybe separate shortcodes to list their unresolved tickets, and list faqs or their categories and a shortcode to place a submit support request would be amazing.
As always, I like smoothness and refinements of your plugins. There are other FAQ/support plugins that allow a front page support form submission but there are things I like and prefer yours for, and this would make the choice so much more a no brainer :slight_smile:. Thank you!

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    I'm sure you read on those other posts but just to clarify why we do it this way, this plugin was originally designed to offer multisite admins site support, rather than end user support, it's one of our older plugins.

    I wish I could give you a more satisfactory answer but right now this simply isn't possible without a fair amount of work and unfortunately I can't offer any updates as to when we will be revisiting this. Currently we're working on pushing out a number of more popular requests from members as I'm sure you've seen recently.

    I will of course add your voice to the requests. :slight_smile:

    In the meantime there is a possible quick solution, not ideal, but you could link to them from the frontend. This would send them direct to where needed without so much confusion.

    Thanks for adding your vote for this feature, I'd love to see it too! :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Aurelio

    Ok. For now I may need to skip this one, at least on end-user sites that are open to more than a few technical people I know personally.
    Making end users go to the admin panel for anything does not work for a lot of cases, especially ones where end users don't have access to the admin panel :slight_smile:
    It just makes the site look and work better to me to have most if not all end user features available on the "front" of the site somewhere, letting them stay on pages that seamlessly keep the navigation I set up. Anything restricted to the admin panel seems like another world outside the site and menu structure I set up, unless the admin menu can keep my theme and same navigation menus seamlessly, or could it?. I will consider adding links on the front page, at least for a small internal site. In my basic thoughts, perhaps keeping it as is and adding a few short codes would probably be all that's needed to make it better than a lot of end user support plugins designed specifically for that purpose, though I have no idea how much work that is!
    1. Submit a support request
    2. View your personal unresolved (or all) requests.
    3. Display a list of FAQs and/or categories.

    Thank you for your quick response and adding this to the requests!

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