How do I add buffer time between each appointment?


I realize that the question I am about to answer has been "answered" before, but I have found those answers to be too convoluted (probably a reflection on me as opposed to you all!) please allow me to ask to ask this question simply:

I want to have appointments that are 45 minutes in duration. I want there to be a 15 minute "buffer" after each appointment, so that the next appointment a client can sign up for is 15 minutes after the end of the last appointment. For example:

If my first appointment is at 8:00am, it will go until 8:45am...but the next appointment time needs to start at 9:00am, *not* 8:45am. The only thing I have been able to do thus far is to have the next appointment start immediately after the end of the last one.

You're welcome to check out the current setup at

Click on, say July 12th. Notice that the 1st appointment is at 8a, and the next at 8:45a. I need that next appointment to start at 9am, even though each appointment is only 45 minutes long. I need this 15 minutes as a buffer time.

Thanks,and I look forward to your response!