how do i add comments for main blog page?

i want to add it to the place i have all the post one after the other

they already apear in the single post page

alternativly, how do i make only the last post apear in a page with it's comments

thanks !

  • Alexander
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    Hello @ofir2907,

    What theme are you using? This is actually dependent on your theme. Just about every theme adds the comments in on single pages, but not all themes have the templateing in place to display comments on the archive pages, such as the home page.

    Just let me know what theme you're using, and I can look into the possibility of this for you.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

  • Alexander
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot


    There are a couple of methods I can try to see if they work with your theme. If you like, I can test them for you if you send me the theme, or I can help you with the code recommendations.

    As it's customized, and I don't have any access to the original, could you upload it somewhere (maybe dropbox as it keeps data private) and send me a link through our contact form: Just mark for my attention and include a link to this thread.

    Or, if you'd rather troubleshoot this with some code fixes, I can give you some ideas to start with. We'd be kinda shooting in the dark because I don't know exactly how the theme is implementing comments, but we can try to resolve it this way if needed,

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

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