How do I add fields to the registration form?

I want to mirror what we have on our hard copy application form to the website when a new member registers.

Can I do this without complicated coding knowledge?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey again Joel!

    Glad we got that login situation fixed :slight_smile:

    Easiest way to add new fields without any coding knowledge is through BuddyPress. It sounds like overkill, but if you only activate the "Extended Profiles" component then you will pretty much only be getting extra profile fields.

    This will require NO coding at all.

    Once that it done you will be able to go to:

    Users > Profile fields.

    From there you can add/remove/edit profile fields as you wish and the base group will show up on the registration page :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps Joel! Let us know if you still need any further assistance.


    PS. If in the future you do wish to have a social network style platform on your site you can always go back and activate those other components.

  • Joel

    Thank you for your advice. Maybe you could help me with a couple of points.

    All the fields I created have a label on it saying "This field can be seen by: Everyone - Change". How do I remove that? It seems to be giving non members a way to edit the fields?

    Secondly, when I filled out all the fields, I signed up successfully, but where does all that extra information from the fields go? Under the "membership" plugin information, I just have the basic name, email address, membership level, etc.


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