how do I add in the expertise tags to the advanced search

Hi-- how do I add in the expertise tags to the advanced search function?

Also, one of the basic things that most people want to know about jobs is the location of the job! So how can I add in location to the search?

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Lily, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    While this would be a bit more than I can whip up in a support thread here (and would thus require a developer), here's what I can tell you right now. :slight_smile:

    For both of these requests, you would want to check out this file:


    Here's what we've got for the category section, on lines 51-64:

    <label><?php _e('Category', je()->domain) ?></label>
            $data = array_combine(wp_list_pluck(get_terms('jbp_category', 'hide_empty=0'), 'term_id'), wp_list_pluck(get_terms('jbp_category', 'hide_empty=0'), 'name'));
            echo IG_Form::select(array(
                'name' => 'job_cat',
                'data' => $data,
                'selected' => $cat,
                'attributes' => array(
                    'class' => 'input-sm',
                    'style' => 'width:100%'
                'nameless' => __('--SELECT--', je()->domain)

    You may be able to draw inspiration from this for the tags side of things. :slight_smile:

    If this type of custom coding isn't your cup of tea however, I would advise posting a job for both this, and the ability to search by location, on our Jobs Board:

    In the meantime though, I've added this as a feature request for you, as both of these would definitely be great things to have! :slight_smile:

    And the more people that vote for this request, the more likely it'll be considered for the future.

    Kind Regards,

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