How do I add PayPal buttons? I know about the payment levels but I cannot seem to add to the site.

I am using your "Membership" plugin but I am having trouble adding the PayPal buttons within the Application page so people can sign up and become members. I have seen the tutorial videos and have tried several things within the back end of the site but to no avail. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Here is the site:

  • NFMedia

    Yes, I have activated and configured a PayPal gateway in plugin settings but I am still having issues:

    We cannot create an account for anyone (from the "create an account' page)
    That page is not capturing any info and creating an account. Further, that page should take us to a PayPal button(s) which we already have from PayPal.

    We have two buttons from PayPal:

    -Individual buttons for each of the seven subscriptions
    -a single PayPal button with a drop down menu with all seven options

    Either, way, we want to capture the name of the person before payment so we have a record on what each person paid and when (day membership, monthly membership or whatever membership they want).

    Please advise.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @NFMedia

    ...that page should take us to a PayPal button(s) which we already have from PayPal.

    That's likely the problem right there. :slight_smile:

    The Membership plugin will generate the required buttons for the payment form at the proper step in the registration process.

    You can use your own button design for the PayPal buttons on the Settings page for the gateway. But there is currently no built-in way to use custom buttons for each individual subscription plan.

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