How do I adjust the text caption over the slider - I have

How do I adjust the text caption over the slider - I have selected the green button and selected "Text on top" but I can't seem to move it around or edit the text. Also - can you change the font of the text caption? If not, can you recommend another slider plugin that can have different text styles over the slider? (sorry I keep thinking of questions) Is there a reason why I can't actually see the slider images during preview?

Thank you for answering.
Leslie Dyer

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Leslie Dyer, hope you're doing well today!

    As for being able to position the text, there's several positioning options available, as shown in the screenshot attached below.

    To style the text, you'd want to double click on the text in question, and then select the text, you'll then be able to utilize the text formatting tools (the text formatting bar will pop up above the text).

    As for being able to change the font, that'll depend on what fonts you have set for each type of text (e.g. H1, H2, etc.), that's something that can be configured from:

    Theme Settings -> Typography

    As for seeing the images during the preview, I'm able to see them on my test site, may I ask where you're trying to set up your slider, and could you enable Support Access to your site please?

    Kind Regards,