How do I allow a user to upgrade their subscription

Hi we have created a number of memberships, what we would like to do is allow a user to upgrade their membership level


level1 £10pa

level2 £20pa

level3 £30pa

so a user registers and selects a level 1 subscription, after x amount of time they decide they would like to upgrade to a level 3 membership is this possible do you have an example or guide I could look at


  • Emanaku
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    Hi al,

    at the plugin’s page at the tab “Usage” you can download a 60 pages comprehensive manual for membership.

    What you want is possible. See the manual chapter “Subscription Plans” beginning with page 51. And then especially about “dripped content” on page 55 …

    Have fun!!

  • al
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    Thank you for the information I have read through the document, I have created a page Upgrade and added the short code [renewform] am I right in thinking this will provide an option for memebers to upgrade their package – pay the diffrence via paypal

    if a user upgrades will their subscription be from the intial subscription date or from the date the upgrade?


    bronze = 50 pa

    silver = 75 pa

    a user upgrades from bronze to silver they would pay 25 in order to upgrade to the next level?

  • PC
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    The subscriptions and upgrades can easily be defined in Membership and regarding the upgrade, ideally it depends on how have you set your plans up.

    The best way to test any thing regarding the payments and functionality, I would suggest you to sign up for a Paypal Sandbox account and test it using that and I am sure you would get answers to most of the questions of any test cases you have in mind.

    I would however look more into it and see if I can find some great piece of info.



  • Timothy
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    Hey there, I hope all is well.

    Just checking in to see how things are going here, its been a short while since we heard from you.

    If you still need further help then please feel free to reopen this thread or create a new one.

    Take care and have a great day! :slight_smile:

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