How do I allow registered and logged in Membership subscribers to access unprotected content?

Hi there,

I am experiencing a problem with logged in Membership users who receive a 'blocked content' message when trying to access unprotected content.

The only filter I am using is URL Groups.
Visitors are blocked from the following:

I have added a Positive Rule for Members with the same URL group as listed above.
However, while they're logged in and they try to access, for example,, they receive the 'blocked content' message. When I test this URL in the Test URL Group function, for all I receive the message 'Invalid', which I guess is correct.

Strip query strings from URL = No
Regular Expression = Yes

I am using Membership 3.4.6 and Wordpress 3.6.1 - I believe both are the latest.

What else could be wrong?

Many thanks