How do I allow user to upload his theme


I want to allow to a user to upload a theme for his blog, and that user's themes will be available to him only.
How can I do it? Can NBT help me?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there Ariel.

    You don't, and shouldn't.

    Unless you are certain their theme has no security issues (you assess the code), is scaleable (won't take your site down) and reliable.

    If something goes wrong it could it could compromise your site, and all your data. This could break the data protection act too.

    I'm not saying don't do it (OK I am, kinda) but I am saying if you allow it then have the code assessed for any security issues, critical bugs, etc, to protect your site.

    If you're then happy to accept the theme you will need to upload it yourself, NBT won't help with this, this sets templates for new sites to use.

    Happy new year!! :slight_smile:

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