How do I attach register/login/reset password to Membership Premium?

I need my visitors to register, login, and be able to reset their password and have that reflect in Membership. How do I do that? Most visitors can access all pages, but there are some pages that I only want Members (Subscriber level) to access. I want their level to appear in Membership. Thanks, Sherry

  • Patrick

    Hi @Sherry

    Under the Membership Pages tab of the plugin Options, you can select which pages the plugin should use for the Subscription form. That form is what displays the subscriptions you make available to members.

    Once they select a subscription, they are redirected automatically to the registration form.

    Once they are registered and logged in, that form displays their current subscriptions along with any others you may have available.

    They can edit their profile information on the Account page.

    For logging in, you can use the Membership login widget. Drag it to any sidebar under Appearance > Widgets.

    If you haven't already done so, please download the Membership manual that you can get from the plugin usage page here:

    Simply click "Download it here! pdf".

    You may also want to review our series of tutorial videos that walk you through the setup of all features.

    Both the manual and the videos contain a huge amount of information, so you may want to grab yourself a cup of your favorite brew.

    If you need more information, please don't hesitate to post again.

    Have fun! :slight_smile:

  • Sherry

    Hi Patrick,

    I've read through everything, watched the videos, and I'm still not understanding how to set Membership Premium up to do what I need it to do. We want to use Membership to first have a person complete a Membership Application, so they come to the site, register with a Gravity Forms form, and when they submit that REGISTRATION form they are automatically redirected to the Membership Application which is not accessible unless the registration form is completed with a Cosmetology Lic. Number which I planned to use as the Application process password. The data from the registration form pre-populates the corresponding fields in the application - that I have all set up. There is no $ charged to submit the Membership Application.

    They submit their application, which is lengthy, so I need them to be able to login again if they need more than one visit to complete the Application. This is where I get bogged down to begin with. I see where to set the registration form, but nothing to set a login or reset password. Then the application is reviewed and they go through another bunch of steps until they are accepted into the Membership and at that time they become a paying subscriber, they get a real password of their choice (reset password) and gain access to other pages for Members only. I have the whole string of free subscription to the first three months for the price of two, and then to full monthly dues set up in Membership, except for the PayPal stuff, haven't gotten to that yet because I think I do that in Gravity Forms, where there is also a User Tegistration thing - should I be using that?

    My first problem, seemingly among many, is that they never choose a subscription, they're assigned the first subscription in order to complete the Membership Application, and then they move along to a full member but they don't decide that. They start as a free subscriber to access the application and some info pages, then if there application is accepted they are interviewed, if they pass the interview, they have to demo their skills, and if they get past all that, they have to purchase a start-up package and when pay the first three months dues, and when those charges go through PayPal, they then become a Member, so there are no choices to be made by them.

    How do I do this? is Membership Premium the right plug-in to use with Gravity Forms? it seems like it should work, but it's not working for me.

    Okay, I think I've said enough! Please help, I'm happy to answer any questions and/or share the whole thing with you!



  • Patrick

    Hi again @Sherry

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    If you need the possibility for users to login again to complete their form, that means that they must already be registered users of your site.

    You appear to have gotten that part done as they are automatically assigned the base subscription you set in Membership when they register.

    Whether you are using a Gravity Form to populate the Membership registration form, or are using the Membership registration form directly, makes no difference. They will be registered. :slight_smile:

    What I would suggest is setting your "Registration completed page" to the page where you have the lengthy GF form where they must enter their Cosmetology Lic. Number. That way, when they first register, they are redirected to that page to start their application.

    As they are already registered users (on your base Membership subscription), they can take their time and log out and back in again to complete their application.

    Once you have reviewed and accepted their application, I presume you will contact them via email with the good news. :slight_smile:

    In that email, you could simply include a link to a subscription plan that you have set to "Private" in the Membership plugin. The URL would look like this:

    In the event you may have unscrupulous users who share that link with unauthorized users, and you don't want folks who haven't gone through the whole application process signing up, you could set the price for that subscription to a huge amount to discourage them from signing up. Then also include in your email to accepted users a coupon code to adjust the final amount to the price you want.

    For example, set your desired 3-month subscription to private and set the price at $9999.00. Then include a link to that private subscription in the email you send to accepted members with a coupon code for $9500.00 making the final price only $499.00 (or whatever you intend to charge your members).

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